CROSSWALK and Collectus Automate BIM Workflows for AECO Firms

Hugh Seaton - Cyril Verley podcast

In this episode of the AEC Business Podcast, Hugh Seaton of CROSSWALK and Cyril Verley of CDV Systems talk about the new integration that automates BIM workflows.

With BIM workflows increasingly dominating the construction sector, professionals need easy and immediate access to libraries and organizing principles. To satisfy this need, CDV Systems and The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) have announced a new product integration. It connects CSI’s widely adopted construction industry organizing principles with cloud-based BIM libraries.

Collectus is a remote BIM Management product providing AEC firms a complete and fully functioning, ready to use, cloud based, 18,000+ component Revit Standards library package.

The integration of the CSI-powered CROSSWALK gated webservice into Collectus addresses a severe challenge for the AECO industry – the lack of an automatic workflow to convert Revit asset parameter data from one set of CSI organizing principles to another. 

While architects and engineers typically create Revit files using MasterFormat® organizing principles to manage asset classifications in their models, contractors receiving an AE’s models may prefer using UniFormat® organizing principles, and facility owners may prefer receiving their as-built Revit models using OmniClass® organizing principles. 

Thanks to the Collectus and CROSSWALK integration, Collectus users will have access to a direct link to CROSSWALK from within the Revit model. This feature automatically converts MasterFormat asset parameter data for all Revit system and type family assets into UniFormat and OmniClass parameter data.

About the Guests

Hugh Seaton is the product lead for CROSSWALK and Cyril Verley is the Founder and President of CDV Systems.

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