How Customized Donor Recognition Systems Benefit Your Organization


You have bought the space, purchased the right equipment, filled out all the necessary nonprofit applications and you feel you are on your way to making a difference in your community. As receiving grants and donations is your first priority, you cannot get that all-important boost without the appreciation towards your donors. You also need to rely on marketing to get your organization noticed by the right people who will require your services.  This is where donor recognition systems come into play.

What they are meant to display

If you’ve ever walked into government buildings or community-based organizations, you’ve probably at least glanced at the metal placards displaying the name(s) of those whom either gave their time, money or devotion towards improving a cause.  Although the architecture and design behind customized donor recognition systems has drastically improved, you now understand what their main goal is: to show potential clients who made the organization what it is, and to prove to potential donors that giving is recognized within your nonprofit.

Yes, these recognition signs are meant to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye; however, with properly designed and placed donor signage, your organization can increase donations immensely.  In fact, the more customized your donor recognition system, the better position you put your organization.

First impressions and your organization

First impressions can have a big impact on communities, donors and even local businesses; this is something that nonprofits should be aware of. This is one of the reasons why perfectly engineered donor recognition displays offer a lot more features than your quintessential wall mural. In the United States, donor recognition signs or systems have been an important marketing tool for numerous decades – we, as citizens in need of services and donors, probably never gave this fact much thought.

Today’s recognition systems must stimulate donor commitment and increase awareness within the community building they’ll adorn. These new systems are as much about communication as they are about recognition, with the benefits derived for numerous organizations as transparent and limitless as the imagination.  Of course, offering nonprofits free ways to advertise doesn’t hurt, either.

Keeping your donor recognition updated

Because your fundraising drives will change as much as your donors, you should always carry unique and well-designed donor plaques which can be placed on poles or walls.  Not only does updating your current systems keep your organization ahead of trending advertising and thanksgiving, it can encourage new and increased giving from both new and existing donors.

Because today’s systems are built with an organization’s future in mind, many nonprofits are beginning to rethink their strategy. General rule of thumb: most donor recognitions will necessitate at least some updating, albeit infrequent. Also, when deciding on your next donor appreciation, bear in mind that with today’s donor recognition systems security is not a concern since they tend to fasten securely to walls.

Has your nonprofit organization mulled over changing its donor recognition system, but doesn’t know where to start? Many options exist that combine today’s look with yesterday’s affordability.

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