DataStreet Announces an Integration with PlanGrid


Today DataStreet is announcing an integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud’s field collaboration solution PlanGrid. DataStreet provides project management software for subcontractors. The integration will allow for DataStreet users to link PlanGrid Tasks to their Time and Material (“T&M”) tags and Fixed Price Change Orders, saving customers time on tedious documentation processes and simplifying activity reports to ensure they are paid on time.

This integration enables seamless data flow from PlanGrid Tasks to DataStreet’s detailed Change Order Requests, ensuring jobsite activities are fully documented and easily referenceable for payments from general contractors on Change Order. Automatic information sync from PlanGrid to DataStreet simplifies the process of capturing and documenting T&M tags.  DataStreet’s design is similar to PlanGrid’s, so users can easily transition between the two tools when transferring their data.

“Our goal as a company is to provide subcontractors the best chance to be paid on Change Order work.” Says Chris Kinghorn, founder of DataStreet, “The integration with PlanGrid will give our users the ability to seamlessly transfer data from PlanGrid to DataStreet and present needed additional information to General Contractors on Change Order Items. ” 

“Properly documenting the work performed is essential for subcontractors to be paid on time and in full,” said James Cook head of integrations at Autodesk Construction Solutions. “ General contractor and subcontractor teams collaborate in PlanGrid when they’re out in the field, so automatically integrating Task information between PlanGrid and DataStreet will simplify subcontractors’ documentation and reporting processes, and help get them paid on time and in full.”

About DataStreet

DataStreet is a cloud-based Project Management Platform that links your office and the field. Built for Subcontractors, our platform allows you to eliminate the paperwork of T&M Tickets and reduces your change order processing time. DataStreet is simple to use and allows your team to access vital information like Daily Report and Schedule Delays with a few simple clicks. 

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Source: May 20, 2020, DataStreet, Scottsdale, AZ

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