DiCtion Has Devised an Ontology for Construction

DiCtion ontology for construction

DiCtion is a research and development project led by the Aalto University that seeks to boost productivity through the digitalization of construction workflows. To be able to collect data from various sources and combine it in a meaningful way and without manual interaction, we need a shared data model.  DiCtion has devised a data model, an ontology, especially for construction processes.

The ontology is an effort to stabilize the way we represent real-life concepts in data systems. It is useful for construction companies that want to digitalize their workflows. The ontology provides a common language for both internal development and collaboration with technology providers.

Design, construction, and maintenance software developers can apply the ontology to their own products and services. By doing so, their products become interoperable on a contextual level, which is not typically the case with today’s products. A shared ontology also helps create and use the emerging data platforms in construction.

Read the story by Aarni Heiskanen.

Visit the ontology pages on GitHub.

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