Digital Construction and Smart Cities – Interview with Paul Doherty

Kingdom City Saudi Arabia

I had the pleasure to talk with Paul Doherty, AIA, President and CEO of the digit group. Paul is a BIM pioneer, construction innovator, and smart city strategist.

In this 44-minute interview, we’ll learn, among others

  • How the AEC Hackathon came about
  • Why proper application of BIM will revolutionize construction
  • How to do construction business in China successfully
  • Why China will leapfrog the rest of the world in BIM adoption
  • How to build a home in six days
  • What is a city operating system
  • How autonomous vehicles will change the shape of cities
  • How to deal with the fast development of technology in the built environment
  • What are the new relationships between buildings and people

TDG Guangzhou Office Meeting

The digital group’s Guangzhou Office Meeting

About Paul’s businesses

Paul meeting with Guangdong Provincial Part Secretary Hu Chunhua

In 2014, the digit group formed a Joint Venture to enter the People’s Republic of China to plan and implement Smart City solutions, opening offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangzhou, partnering with China’s leading Information Technology and Facility Management companies.

In 2015, the digit group became equity owners in numerous real estate development projects regarding Smart Cities in the US, China, the Middle East and Australia.

In 2016, the digit group launched theBIMcompany, an outsourced BIM services firm that provides the world’s best and most comprehensive BIM services that saves you time and money while increasing value for your projects. theBIMcompany also provides internal scale for production delivery of the world’s largest and most iconic Smart Cities projects.

Source: The digit group

Title image: Kingdom City, Saudi Arabia

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