Discovering the Right AEC Tech for You with Niknaz Aftahi

Niknaz Aftahi

Niknaz Aftahi is the CEO and co-founder of aec+tech (, an all-in-one innovation platform and community connecting AEC/O professionals with the latest tools and technologies. In this WDBE Talks interview by Aarni Heiskanen, Niknaz discusses construction sector innovation and technology and how she helps AEC professionals discover the right tech solutions.

Our discussion covers

  • Niknaz’s path to becoming a construction technology advocate
  • The vision that drives her
  • The best use cases of digital construction technology
  • Aec+tech – why she started it up, what it is, who uses it
  • Thoughts about awarding the forerunners and her keynote at WDBE 2022
Niknaz Aftahi aec+tech founder

Before launching aec+tech, Niknaz practiced architecture in the bay area, California, both as a design professional and a design technologist. Niknaz is a member of the AIA San Francisco design technology committee and has also been developing curriculum and teaching architecture courses online to Bahai students in Iran who continue to be deprived of university access in their own country.

You can meet Niknaz at WDBE 2022 on September 28, 2022, where she will be a
keynote speaker. You can review the program and register for the event at

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