DSi-Digital Acquires Manufacton in Quest to Fulfill a Burning Need in the AEC Market


DSi-Digital, LLC, a holding company for ventures focused on the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) market, announced the acquisition of Manufacton, a production control and workflow SaaS platform for construction firms to plan, track and optimize production and materials.

Manufacton joins ViZZ, another DSi-owned software company that pairs 3D visualization and AI for construction, commercial development, and property management.

With the combined offerings of Manufacton and ViZZ, DSi brings data visualization, AI-enabled self-awareness capabilities, and intelligent Digital Twin technology to optimize the entire project lifecycle, from building design to manufacturing to construction and facility management. 

“This is one of the most exciting mergers that we have had the opportunity to be involved in,” said Mitch Hughes, CEO at DSi-Digital. “With these combined technologies, everyone throughout the entire building and construction lifecycle can contribute valuable project history, but with greater efficiency, as well as ease of access. All individuals involved – owner, designer, contractor, vendor and manufacturer – can gain knowledge and improve real-time collaboration and efficiencies with ease thanks to these powerful technologies.”

This acquisition enables DSi to provide tools for a building’s full lifecycle, modernizing the AEC industry and improving efficiencies universally. While neither serves as a design authoring platform, ViZZ and Manufacton have synergies in team management, trade and material compliance, and real-time analytics.

ViZZ provides design and sales teams the visualization tools they need to work directly with the owner, showcasing construction processes, timelines and budget estimates to win bids, streamline construction and simplify handover. ViZZ has a single-source project hub enabling users to collaborate, access and share all communication and project related data, with relevant information simultaneously accessible with the intuitive ease of a digital twin.

“ViZZ brings visibility into the concepting, site planning, design, information sharing and property management stages of a projects’ lifecycle,” said Arol Wolford, a construction industry entrepreneur and DSi-Digital partner. “We’re excited about Manufacton because it enables us to offer the world’s first AEC full lifecycle solution with efficiencies in scheduling, fabrication management and analytics, and the coordination of construction stages, for both technical and non-technical users.” 

Manufacton’s product line of Construct-ES, Prefab-ES, and Mod-ES are the only tools of their kind specifically built from the ground up with industrialized construction execution in mind, including modular, prefab, and offsite construction. As an always-on, real-time portal into the production and material sourcing process, Manufacton saves time and reduces risk by facilitating collaboration, speeding up communication, and ensuring accuracy and timeliness of the end-to-end construction supply chain.

“We at Manufacton feel so fortunate to be a part of this amazing AEC industry transformation to bring the best of manufacturing to construction,” said Raghi Iyengar, CEO at Manufacton. “We see this exciting partnership as a way forward for the building and construction industry as the readily-accessible data with the power of Digital Twins will provide on-going value for any project – from concepting through facility management.” 

Source: businesswire.com, Atlanta, February 24, 2021

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