Engineering: Three Tips for Networking as an Engineer


The engineering field is not as large as some, so you have more opportunities to network with other engineers in small groups. Following basic networking tips will help you avoid some of the most common faux pas; but there are specific things you can do to improve your chances of creating valuable industry connections. Use these networking tips to build relationships with other engineers, and you will have an easier time advancing your career.

Make good use of your technical skills when you start networking. If you are not comfortable approaching people at meetings, you may feel better about networking using your computer. Several networking tips can help you meet other engineering professionals when using social media. One is to post positive content whenever possible. Most people don’t want to network with someone who is always complaining. You should also focus on posting content of interest to other engineering professionals. Posting relevant content can help you become a thought leader in the engineering community, which will make it easier to convince others of your expertise and value as a professional contact.

Nicole Fallon of the BusinessNewsDaily website says you should avoid the seven sins of networking at all times. These sins include being greedy, lusting after the attention of other engineering professionals, and getting angry when your connections post controversial content. Use basic networking tips to determine when you should post new content or avoid responding to controversial messages. People will be more willing to give you advice about the engineering field if you do everything you can to help them before you ask for help. This means you should introduce yourself and then turn your attention to the other person. Do not immediately ask for a favor and try to capitalize on your new connection’s experience and contacts.

One of the most basic networking tips is to prepare a short speech about your skills and abilities before you attend an event. If you work as a design engineer, it may be helpful to go through your portfolio and pick out your favorite projects. Jot down some information about your role in each project, especially if you were able to save your client money or finish the project ahead of schedule. Be prepared to discuss some of these projects when you start talking about your career.

Following basic networking tips can help you build valuable relationships, but you must tweak these tactics to match your goals. If you are looking for a new job, try connecting with engineering recruiters. Those who desire mentoring opportunities should try to meet experienced engineering professionals who are willing to provide advice about career development. If you follow these networking tips, you will be able to advance your career in a professional, ethical manner.

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