The Enneagram as a Business Tool – Interview with Greg Neil


Greg Neil of Gregory Neil Associates returns to to explain how the Enneagram can enable AEC professionals to identify suitable employees. The Enneagram can be the HR manager’s best friend and a blessing to the company’s stakeholders.

About the Enneagram

Here’s what Grep has written about the Enneagram:

gregory neilThe Enneagram has ancient origins.

Being used by CIA, FBI, General Motors, B of A, Marriott Hotels, Mitsubishi, Arthur Anderson, Stanford University,  UC Berkeley, the Vatican, US Postal Service.

Goes deeper than most other typologies….describing unconscious motivations determining choices, actions, and behaviors.

The benefit to self knowledge for a team….understanding that we don’t all see the world the same, nor are we all motivated by the same thing…. knowing how another views and responds to : problems, time, communication, and negotiating can greatly improve the effectiveness of how we work together.

Two Types that Drive the US Economy

The Hero, The Boss, The Leader

  • Has a very strong personality, really likes being the boss, needs to be the one in charge – very hands on, loves to get on the job and get work done – whatever it is he can get it done – lots of energy – Deals well with stress, conflict, deadlines, thrives on confrontation.
  • Difficulty in coaching and managing others that are NOT like himself – can’t figure out why they just don’t go get it done like he does..(what’s their problem?)
  • Will create some form of chaos so he can swoop in and save the day, just to be the hero.

The Performer, The Marketer, The Motivator

  • The master doer, figures out the fastest way to get anything done, loves to work, deals well with challenges, large capacity for stress, can get more work done in the next two minutes than anyone else, is all about success!
  • Will likely just go get something done before he delegates and “waits” for someone else, can be very impatient, hates to fail, will do almost anything to avoid failure…including spin on the facts to make himself “look good”.

Supporting types

The Worrier, The Devils Advocate, The Loyalist

  • Always sees the cup half empty, likes to make sure all the bases are covered before deciding anything, can be useful at contingency planning.
  • Analysis paralysis, fear based behavior, likes to think everything through, excessive planning before execution, questions everything, challenges everything, run by fear and doubt.

The Nice Guy, The Mediator, The Peacemaker

  • Is non confrontational, cup is always half full, no worries, life is always great, wonderful to be with and work with, can be a very good manager, counselor, or leader.
  • Can have trouble with the big sale, moves away from anything stressful, has a hard time managing people when you need to make large requests, or handle the tough confrontational situation. Needs structure in job responsibilities.

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