Experimenting in the Built Environment – Interview with Marco Steinberg

Marco Steinberg is a consultant, architect, and former Associate Professor at the Harvard Design School. He’s also been the Strategic Design Director at Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund. Currently, he has his own practice,  Snowcone & Haystack.


Marco writes on his homepage: “I believe we can solve the complex challenges that our governments, societies, and environment face. To do so we need to shift from trying to improve the efficiency of what was, to redesigning what could be. My passion is in helping leaders find the pathway to these strategic improvements.

I’m based out of Helsinki, Finland and share an office with Esko Aho, our former Prime Minister. We share a deep interest in helping governments transform themselves to meet 21st century challenges.”

In this interview, Marco talks about the value and need of experimentation in the built environment.

Here are the links that Marco mentiones in the interview:



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