Extended Reality News 7/2022

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Here are the July 2022 topics covered in the Extended Reality issue of the AEC Business newsletter. Subscribe!

Using digital twin technology in the metaverse to resolve complex infrastructure issues

Lori Hufford of Bentley Systems: The intersection of digital twins, the metaverse, and the physical world is an ideal place to invest, allowing global teams to collaborate and solve complex infrastructure problems.

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A digital partner to building better, faster

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a prototype is worth a thousand meetings, and we are saving that time and increasing stakeholder awareness,” says Jonathan Boone, a research civil engineer at U.S. Army Engineer Research And Development Center. “We are increasing knowledge transfer, so everyone is on the same page when the keys are turned over.”

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BMW digital twin

BMW Group Digitalizes All Its Vehicle Plants Using 3D Laser Scanning

By early 2023, the BMW Group will have a digital scan of every one of its vehicle plants worldwide. In this way, the company is systematically merging the real and virtual worlds and tapping into the enormous potential for highly efficient planning of future plant structures and production facilities.

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Comment: How AR/VR is helping construction go green

David Mitchell, founder and CEO at XYZ Reality, explains how AR and VR are helping the construction industry reduce its carbon footprint.

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Skipp Renovation Partners with Matterport and Accelerates Preconstruction While Saving Homeowners up to 50 Percent on Renovations

In 2019, Ian Jaffrey co-founded Skipp Renovation alongside Adrian von der Osten and Marc Limotte to save home renovators time and money and to make the entire process easier. Using a proprietary platform built on Matterport, Inc. technology that captures an existing kitchen or bathroom and produces tailor-made estimates, designs, and construction plans in 3D, the firm makes the preconstruction process much faster, more streamlined, and less expensive.

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Watch NXT BLD 2022 presentations on-demand

NXT BLD 2022, AEC Magazine’s annual future gazing technology conference, took place in London on 21 June. You can now watch all the presentations on-demand and for free.

Several presentations touch on the use of VR/AR/MR, for example

  • Ken Pimentel of Epic Games talks about the intersection of reality with the virtual, including Cornerstone.land
  • Jonathan Stephens of Everypoint shows how you get from laser scanning to magic
  • Dr. Fang Xu of Foster + Partners demonstrates designing through the magic lens of real-time tools
  • Chris Mcleod of NVIDIA talks about harnessing the power of Omniverse Enterprise to enhance your existing workflows


How the metaverse is slowly transforming the workplace

Guy Messick, head of design technologies at IA Interior Architects, believes that the metaverse is essential to the future of the workplace. Frustrated by Zoom calls and those muted squares, Messick says employers are increasingly seeking out new ways to engage workers, nearly three years into the work-from-home experiment. And, they’re finding that upgrades are much easier in the metaverse.

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IKEA rolls out an AI-powered interactive design experience for shoppers

IKEA is launching a new AI-driven interactive design experience called IKEA Kreativ in the USA. Customers can use it to design and visualize their own living spaces with digitalized furniture on their smartphones

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