Fast-Track to Affordable Living: AI Meets Modular Construction

Zenarate AI

Zenerate Partners with SoLa Impact to Accelerate Affordable Housing Development with AI.

Zenerate, a trailblazing Proptech AI startup, has formed a pivotal partnership with SoLa Impact, California’s top private developer in affordable housing. Zenerate’s state-of-the-art platform uses generative design, AI, and advanced analytics, enhancing the feasibility process for real estate, and ensuring faster turnaround and greater returns.

This collaboration with SoLa Impact aims to transform the affordable housing sector radically. By integrating AI into the modular construction sector, the partnership is set to fast-track planning, design, configuration, and approval processes for an array of SoLa’s housing projects.

For the past decade, SoLa Impact has been a major player in countering Los Angeles’ affordable housing crisis, underlining its dedication to sustainable and community-centric solutions. They currently oversee 35 projects, comprising nearly 3,000 units—most of which are allocated for affordable housing. Given the surging demand in this sector, swift and precise feasibility and design analysis is now more crucial than ever.

Martin Muoto, SoLa Impact’s Founder and CEO, expressed excitement about the collaboration. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Zenerate in our mission to dramatically scale the development and delivery of high-quality, affordable housing in California,” he said. “By leveraging Zenerate’s cutting-edge technology combined with our proprietary standardization processes, we can bring significantly more units to market more cost-effectively and more quickly, with the vast majority of our projects to house people that are currently homeless and living in tents. Equally important, these are units that are an order of magnitude more energy efficient than the aging housing stock they are replacing.”

Zenerate’s software integration will propel data-driven decisions at SoLa Impact. This will streamline evaluations of potential sites, construction expenses, and market needs. Automating these processes means SoLa Impact can assess more locations, transform underutilized spaces, and construct for the utmost density and affordability.

Benji Shin, Zenerate’s Co-Founder and CEO, shared Muoto’s enthusiasm, stressing their goal to expedite housing solutions through AI. “By automating key parts of the feasibility, configuration, and eventually, the permitting process, we aim to enable developers to run thousands of financial and design scenarios instantly, ultimately contributing to the advancement of affordable housing initiatives.”

The synergy between SoLa Impact and Zenerate is predicted to be a game-changer in expediting affordable housing projects in California, especially in Los Angeles—home to the largest affordable housing market and the gravest homeless issue in the U.S. The initiative is slated to expand locally and potentially to other states.

Source: PR Newswire, August 11, 2023

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