Filing for 8A Certification – The Costs Involved


While requesting for SBA 8a certification, it is quite likely that you may overlook the costs or charges included in the procedure. This is primarily due to the reason that the US government has made it free for applicants to file for small business administration 8a authorization. This unlocks the possibility for numerous small and mid-sized companies to request for such official recognition and bid for government contracts to multiply their business growth. However, one must know that while arranging the application supplies, few small costs are included in the process. So do not be astonished when suddenly you need to pay a certain course to finish your SBA application procedure.

To finish the application process positively, a candidate should adhere to the severe rules and guidelines of the SBA 8A certification suite. If you have decided to move into government contracting, than is it is compulsory for you to take the certification program very seriously. Failure to provide any data or the inability to pay for the finishing of any application process often indicates towards incomplete application and thus ends up being refused. Therefore, if you are eager to get your small business 8A certified, ensure that your company meets all the standards and include all the little expenses involved.

Costs included in the 8A application procedure

Though requesting for federal contracts does not charge anything, there are few expenses included while arranging the request material. Such charges may include:

Company formation documents

It is crucial to submit the formation documents of the firm to finish the small business administration 8a process without fail. In case you lose or misplace those papers, it is quite certain that the SBA request will get refused. SBA never gives its assent for incomplete company formation documents. To get new photocopies, your state will surely charge you with a specific fee amount. This can increase the overall cost included in the SBA process.


If you are unable or too busy to keep a proper track of the financial position of your firm, you may need to hire the services of an accountant, to offer with a balance sheet and a profit and loss statement. This adds up to your application expenditure.


If you are a prospective candidate of 8A Programs, it is obligatory for you to authenticate at least one document mentioned in the application. According to the SBA rules and regulations, it is obligatory to validate at least one document involved in the 8a certification filing. However, in some cases, a candidate may need to authenticate other documents also, if the condition needs it.


Being an applicant of the 8A programs, you must send off all the essential materials to the US government in a customary and protected way via FedEx, UPS or DHL.  Such modes of transfer are considered to be one of the safest and fortified ways of sending different materials to the administration. After submitting the initial request, numerous other additional papers and files are necessary to be sent to SBA in few cases.


As an applicant, you should not send the original papers to SBA. All you require is to send only the photocopies, since the originals will not be received back. The photocopy cost and printing expense involved in such an approach can increase your application cost.

Requesting for the 8A programs does not include any cost. However, the extra costs included while arranging the application material should not be neglected. Hence, you should be ready to face the charges included in the process if you want to get your application accepted at the first attempt.

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