Find the Right Employee Using Innovative Career Matching Platforms

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Word of mouth is probably the oldest means for finding out which career platforms will render the best results for your staffing needs, practiced long before we had internet and With the rise of emails and social media, word of mouth became global – you can recommend career matching platforms to your colleagues even if they are miles away from you, and you can fill vacant positions quickly yourself.

While the title clearly suggests ‘how’ employers like you could find experienced programmers, human resource pros and IT experts, undoubtedly there are multitudes who’d love to learn ‘why’.

Career matching trumps social headhunting

Because any innovatively designed career matching platform will have more specific information that LinkedIn simply avoids posting, employers are specifically using these platforms more than ever.  While one can gather surface information about individuals through their social media presence, it is much more difficult to pinpoint the accuracy of these profiles.

Career matching platforms are designed to make finding that perfect employee quick, since many HR professionals have little time to search through hundreds of social media profiles.  With complete resumes and accurate contact information, employers can schedule interviews seamlessly.

Emotional testing isn’t found socially

Honesty, forward thinking and mentally stable.  These are three paramount traits employers want their employees to exemplify, yet how can employers actually find these people across miles of hard wire? Career matching platforms handle the emotional testing to save employers time.  Because these tests were designed by professional psychologists, employers can not only find skilled career-minded professionals seamlessly, they can see their test scores and a brief synopsis of what their test results say about their emotional stability.

Today’s innovative employer is vehemently trying to avoid filling their online application queues with irrelevant applicants. If you’re looking for a specific set of well-rounded skills from job seekers that match the skills necessary to perform your daily tasks, and want cutting-edge minds improving the position of your business, career matching platforms are definitely where your attention needs to be focused.

While today’s social recruiting is going wild, career matching sites are actually running at full steam because the accuracy by which employees are locatable is much stronger than Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn combined.  It’s becoming obvious to serious employers that social media is meant for ranting, and headhunting platforms are for extracting viable employees.

Career matching spoils employers

Professional social sites can spoil employers to a certain extent with easy access to industry specific workers proactively writing, discussing or video logging their expertise. However, the downside to being spoilt for choice is that it becomes difficult to make sense of everyone who is qualified within that talent pool and then choosing the best person for the job.

Whether you’re hiring your first employee or expanding specific departments to hire hundreds, taking the road less traveled may produce dead-end results.  Today’s employee seeks stability, judicious salaries and the opportunity to advance within any given corporation.  If you seek skilled employees that meet your preset criteria, jump off the social bandwagon and leverage the hiring power only career platforms can provide.

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