Five Tech Startups Powering the Construction Site with AI

Construction AI startups

In the coming years, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will automate many construction tasks in unprecedented ways. We featured 10 startups in our earlier post. Here are five more startups that are in in the vanguard of turning AI into a value-adding technology for construction sites.

APE Mobile

APE Mobile is on a mission to make construction easier by using disruptive technology to make the complex simple and arm contractors with the information they need. They are now adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to bring the user answers when and where they need them.

“Ask a question and it gives you answers, instantly. And shows you where you can see the underlying data. No need to search. No need to head to the trailer or office. Just ask.”


Location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Kwant (previously onTarget) helps increase construction productivity and safety using AI-powered predictive analytics and sensors that can be installed in minutes.

The company has analyzed thousands of project schedules using AI. Their algorithms standardize unstructured data into standardized buckets. Real-time data from sensors and APIs is compared with standardized forensic data. The service predicts with high accuracy if there are any early warning signs that risk the project’s execution.


Location: New York, United States


INTSITE’s technology combines Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and aerospace algorithms with off-the-shelf hardware (camera and other sensors) to transform any heavy machinery into smart and autonomous robots in a fast and cost-effective manner. Safety and performance are enhanced as the machinery becomes “smarter” – estimating the machine posture and visual perception.


Location: Haifa, Israel


Nucon is an AI engine that helps construction companies learn from their mistakes. Nucon’s mission is to make construction data useful so that building projects have better quality, safety, and profitability. They automate the collection, organization, and analysis of construction data and turn it into timely insights.


Location: Singapore

AI Construct

AI Construct provides the construction industry with AI and seamless integration of robotic equipment in a 5D BIM planned environment.

To achieve intelligent automation, integration of machine learning principles is key. On-site deployment of robotic equipment provides the industry with a new labor resource. The advantages are multiple, from improving health & safety to optimizing the financial performance of the investment. 5D models enable the smart linking of 3D CAD components with cost and schedule information, providing stakeholders control over the project delivery timeline, including scheduling of resources and quantities.


Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

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