Four On-Site Essentials for Construction Workers

Working outdoors for hours each day can take its toll on your mind and body. Construction workers are more susceptible to injuries on a daily basis ranging from dislocated shoulders to burns and abrasions. With this in mind, if you are a roofer, a painter or a labourer, make sure you have these four things to hand onsite.

Skin Protection

Due to the nature of construction work, outdoor workers are faced with a higher risk of skin conditions such as contact dermatitis and skin cancer. Construction workers are exposed to UV rays for long periods of time and as a result, protective skincare is essential. Keeping a tube of sun cream in your pocket can prevent your skin from burning and provide sufficient protection from the sun’s rays.

Hi Viz Clothing

Working in a hazardous environment presents a number of dangers and you have no control over the weather conditions. For example, if you are working roadside in bad weather conditions it is essential that you can be seen. Many fatal accidents include being hit by a moving vehicle and having the correct safety clothing can reduce the chance of you becoming a victim to this. Hi-viz jackets and trousers can help to keep you safe onsite.

A Portable Charger

You never know when disaster will strike and having a mobile phone is a powerful tool to have when you need to seek help. However, if you have a smart phone that saps your battery power, a portable charger can come in handy. This way you will always have immediate access to emergency services should the need arise. Having a portable charger can also ensure that you don’t miss any important calls from clients, employees or employers.

Ear Protection

When you think about protective gear for construction workers, hard hats, hi-viz clothing and steel capped boots are obvious choices. Ear protection, however is often forgotten about. It is important to realise the effects of constant exposure to loud noises as a level of 85-90 decibels it can seriously impair hearing. You can protect your hearing in a number of ways. Invest in high quality ear plugs or ear muffs and test them regularly to ensure that they still work effectively.

So, there you have it, three essentials that construction worker should have to hand.

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