AEC Business AI News

Here are Artificial Intelligence news from the last seven days.

Scammers siphon $25M from engineering firm Arup via AI deepfake ‘CFO’

Cybercriminals utilized AI video deepfakes to falsely pose as Arup’s CFO and other employees, leading a staff member to transfer $25 million to Hong Kong bank accounts.

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The future of the UK’s geospatial mapping: AI or alarming interference?

Will AI be a labor-saving, efficiency-boosting imitator of human intelligence for the UK’s geospatial mapping or an alarming interference?

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Cementation Skanska implements “thumbs up” AI human detection system technology

Cementation Skanska is mandating the use of an AI-backed human detection system technology across its fleet of large-diameter piling rigs and cranes.

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Australian startup SpatialAI raises $3.4M to advance AI in architecture and construction

SpatialAI is initially focusing on billion-dollar projects in the construction industry with a suite of AI-powered copilot solutions to optimize construction workflows.

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