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Here are Artificial Intelligence news from the last seven days.

DPR optimistic but careful about AI in new report

DPR discussed the future of AI and supply chains in its Q1 2024 Market Conditions Report. It urged readers to be careful who they listen to and what they believe when it comes to AI and machine learning.

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With Key Pivot, Alice Technologies May Have Found Its Groove

Contractors can now upload their Primavera or Microsoft projects in Alice which serves as an “AI copilot”, providing the contractors with a host of additional tools and benefits.

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AI in Home Building … What Now? What Next?

In late November 2023, Pro Builder with Shinn Builder Partnerships surveyed about 400 builders in its network about their use of AI. Although just 37 builders responded, 35.1% reported using AI. And among those, 92.3% were using it for marketing.

Read more snags $7M to boost automation in landscaping, construction services helps U.S. companies save time and effectively bid for outdoor contracts using automated site measurements through Automeasure. The startup raised $7 million in a new funding round.

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