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Here are Industrialized Construction news from the last seven days.

Construction ‘jealous’ of other sectors’ robots. Are ‘co-bots’ the answer?

“Construction sites will have a mixed fleet with drones and autonomous cranes and the plaster robot and a brick-layout robot; it’s a mix of tools, and each one of them is different and has someone who understands how to operate and maintain the robot,” says Aviad Almagor, Trimble’s VP of technology innovation.

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A look at five winners of Tall Building Awards’ awards for tall buildings

The UK-based Tall Building Awards organization fielded more than 100 entries for its annual awards. The top tall building title went to College Road in South London. Its off-site developer and contractor, Tide, and the project’s volumetric firm, Vision, were bestowed the honours.

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This New Technology Could Reverse Climate Change

A video by Tomorrow’s Build introduced a revolutionary technology that sucks CO2 out of the air. The host Fred Mills explores how these machines work, their potential impact, and whether they could be deployed on a large scale.

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ICON’s new multi-story robotic construction system

ICON’s Phoenix 3D printing robot has a single arm on a rotating base. ICON is now taking orders for projects using the robot starting at $25/square foot for wall systems or $80/sf printing including foundation and roof. Phoenix and Vulcan (the printer for single-story homes) use CarbonX, a proprietary low-carbon concrete formula.

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