From 3D Printing to 3D Value Networks – An Interview with Janne Kyttanen

Janne Kyttanen

What’s the future of 3D printing in construction? I discussed this and other related topics with 3D visionary Janne Kyttanen in this podcast episode.

Kyttanen, the CEO of What the Future Venture Capital, is a Finnish conceptual artist and designer who is best known for his work in design for 3D printing. He is the founder of Freedom of Creation and the former Creative Director of 3D Systems, an American-based manufacturer of 3D printers. His work has been exhibited in numerous museums and galleries, including the Stedelijk Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and Design Miami, the global forum for design.

In this interview, we discuss 3D printing and Kyttanen’s ideas about how to use the technology in construction. His focus is on 3D value networks rather than specific printing technologies.

You can connect with Janne Kyttanen on his homepage at, on LinkedIn, or email him at .

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