From Objects to Sustainable Experiences with Michelle Xuereb

Michelle Xuereb on WDBE Talks

In this episode of WDBE Talks, Michelle Xuereb, the Director of Innovation at BDP Quadrangle, shares her insights on sustainability, innovation, and new approaches to creating built environments. As one of the keynote speakers at WDBE in September 2023, Michelle is a prominent voice in the field.

During the interview, Michelle and Aarni Heiskanen discuss the following.

  • Michelle’s background, her work at BDP Quadrangle, and what made her passionate about building sustainably.
  • What are the most significant barriers or challenges the construction sector has in transitioning to sustainable practices?
  • What we can learn from the Covid pandemic.
  • What other aspects of sustainability besides CO2 emissions should we start considering and why.
  • What the increasing amount of built environment data enables us to do
  • How a residential developer should organize their project to achieve the new and upcoming environmental goals.
  • What we should reinvent regarding how and what we build.
  • What is the effective way to upgrade our skill sets in the AEC sector?

Michelle also hints at the subjects that she’ll address during her upcoming WDBE presentation.

About Michelle

Over her 25-year architectural career, Michelle has dedicated herself to the intersection of design, technology, and research. As BDP Quadrangle’s Director of Innovation, Michelle acts as the periscope of the practice, identifying and analyzing how the world is changing to provide the strategic direction required to embed innovation across the firm and advocating for and affecting real substantive and effective change across the industry.

Michelle is a co-director of bdplab, the firm’s internal research and development team whose aim is to create a better world by pushing the boundaries of integrated design and engineering, enabled by data and technology across the practice. 

In addition, Michelle is BDP North America’s sustainability strategist, responsible for setting and implementing the firm-wide sustainability strategy. 

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