The Future of Construction Technology – Groundbreaker Program Launched


Bridgit, a developer of user-friendly construction software, announced today the launch of its new construction technology leaders beta testing program, called Groundbreaker. The program will bring together tech evangelists and early adopters from across the construction industry and give them exclusive access to the newest technologies such as wearable gesture control devices and smartglass.

This announcement comes on the back of Bridgit’s integration of its product, Closeout for deficiency management, with Thalmic Labs’s Myo armband. The Myo armband recognizes subtle hand and finger gestures, offering a more efficient and effective use of applications on Google Glass.

“The construction industry has already seen some basic examples of smartglass, such as Google Glass, being used as an input device for existing applications. However, up until now, the standard for smartglass input has been the built in audio commands,” said Mallorie Brodie, co-founder of Bridgit. “As we continue to place our primary focus on ease of use, audio input just doesn’t cut it in terms of usability. The Myo armband provides us with the ability to optimize smartglass in a way that makes sense for our users.”

In a recent interview, Sandra Feenstra, Project Coordinator at McKay-Cocker Construction said, “what we would have probably spent 30 hours on in tracking and the various manual aspects of deficiencies, we can now do in 3 hours using the Closeout app.” According to Brodie, “hardware integrations like the Myo armband and Google Glass will make these already improved processes even faster.”

Construction technology leaders interested in participating in the Groundbreaker program are encouraged to apply online at Space is limited, and admission to the program will be granted on a rolling basis, so hurry up!

UPDATE: Listen to our interview with Mallorie Brodie, co-founder of Bridgit.

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