Game Technology for Construction – Interview with Petri Kokko

Petri Kokko is a Finnish architect, service developer, and the CEO of Sova3D. In the 40th episode of the AEC Business podcast Petri shares his experiences and ideas on using game technology in construction.

petri-kokkoThe slogan of Petri’s newly founded company is Internet of spaces. Sova3D creates interactive building models and develops new applications that utilize interactive modeling.  The company collaborates with an international network of tech companies.

Sova3D has published two architectural models that you can examine online:

On the first one, you can see how wind makes the leaves of the adjacent trees shake. You can change the date and time, weather conditions, and other parameters of the model.

You need to have Unity Web Player installed. On a PC or Mac, use arrow keys to walk, mouse to change direction, and click on doors to open them.

Listen to the interview (also on iTunes and other podcast platforms)

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