Gamestorming – Bring Structure to Innovation

In this episode of the AEC Business Podcast Dave Gray, founder of XPLANE and co-founder of Boardthing, talks about innovation, design, and collaboration. The title of the presentation is Gamestorming. Dave gave this inspirational presentation in our Webinar in 2011.

Dave helps large organizations solve complex problems related to culture, innovation and change. He uses structured approaches that help people think, solve problems, and make decisions quickly and collaboratively, with minimum friction.

Dave has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies across all industries. His approaches are not proprietary. They are clearly articulated and have been made publicly available in his book, Gamestorming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers and Changemakers. His second book, The Connected Company, describes a new breed of adaptive, fast-moving organization that’s emerging in the 21st century. Dave’s current project is Boardthing, a collaboration platform for distributed teams.

Dave delivers keynotes and hands-on workshops on topics related to innovation, culture and change.

Photo: Maia Garau

Listen to the presentation (also on iTunes)

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