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Getting the Best out of BIM – An Interview with Dr. Noha Saleeb

Dr. Noha Saleeb is Associate Professor Creative Technology/Digital Creativity at Middlesex University London. In this interview, we discuss BIM and other technologies in education and the best ways to put BIM into practice.

Noha SaleebNoha has taught multiple modules at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Architecture, Building Information Modelling, Design Engineering, Programming, and Graphics.  Her research interests lie at the intersection of architecture, computer programming and e-learning disciplines specializing in 3D digital architecture and Building Information Modelling.

Noha is also currently investigating using Artificial Intelligence agents to develop student interaction and e-learning applications. Initially an architect, she worked for many years in the industry in design, construction and onsite project coordination. She is currently providing consultancy on BIM implementation and management.

Our interview topics

  • Noha’s background and current position at Middlesex University
  • What is the state of BIM education in the UK?
  • BIM is not just about technology. It can be a strategic question, it requires new knowledge and skills, and it will have an effect on business processes. What should businesses and public sector organizations do in order to navigate in this new environment?
  • Digital collaboration, open data, IoT, the blockchain, platforms, robotics, etc. How can education prepare professionals to survive and prosper in the exponential acceleration?
  • Noha’s currently investigating using Artificial Intelligence agents to develop student interaction and e-learning applications. What’s that all about?
  • What is the future of BIM, in five years or so?

You can contact Noha Saleeb at N.Saleeb(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) and on LinkedIn.

Listen to the interview (also in iTunes)


About the author

Aarni Heiskanen

Aarni Heiskanen, Construction Innovation Agent, is hailed as a Top 100 influencer in construction. Aarni has been a pioneer in computer-aided design, he has co-founded a business software company, and worked as a certified management consultant. At present, he runs AE Partners, a construction industry communication firm. Aarni holds a master's degree in architecture.


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