Global Admixture Manufacturer Partially Acquires a Concrete Sensor Solution


Vancouver, Canada, based Kryton International Inc. acquired 30% of the fast-growing concrete sensor company Sensohive.

The young IoT company Sensohive Technologies based in Denmark launched its Maturix™solution two years ago. It has been adopted by leading contractors and precast producers like PASCHAL GmbH, VolkerWessels, Heidelberg Cement, NCC, Skanska, and Kruse Smith, among others.

The monitoring of concrete curing is challenging. It involves multiple assumptions and lab tests. That’s why Maturix fits perfectly into the Smart Concrete® brand of the Global Admixture Manufacturer, Kryton International Inc.

The acquisition is in line with the history of Kryton of helping contractors build faster and smarter through innovation. With the advent of smart buildings and smart cities, planners, designers, and engineers are now taking an evidence-based approach to urban design and construction, which this type of technology can provide.

Smart buildings are not going to be built without smart sensors. Any major structure or project being built today starts with concrete,” says Kari Yuers, Kryton’s President and CEO. “Sensohive’s Maturix technology represents a significant leap forward in construction efficiency and productivity.”

The Technology

Maturix™ is a simple and affordable solution for real-time and remote concrete monitoring of concrete temperature, maturity, and strength. The system uses a standard thermocouple probe embedded in the concrete. The data is transmitted from the transmitter directly to the cloud without the use of bridges, smartphones or similar. The data can then be accessed online and documentation ready as you built.

Conventional single-use concrete sensors on the market today collect data through Bluetooth NFC transmitted to a phone or device or through a wireless gateway. This typically requires a person to visit the job site and be near the sensor to take the Bluetooth reading and send updates.

Real-time monitoring of structures with Maturix is an evolving field in the construction industry made possible through the rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT) – the interconnected digital network allowing everyday objects to be embedded with electronics collecting and sharing data.

Along with the investment follows an exclusive distribution agreement in North America. First trials have already been started with some leading general contractors and precast producers.

Source: Sensohive, September 18, 2019

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