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CIOB, The Chartered Institute of Building, is at the heart of a management career in construction with 48,000 members in more than 80 countries. They publish Global Construction Review at

“GCR is a brand new essential resource for strategic business leaders keen to understand global trends, policy makers responsible for delivering built assets who want to understand best practice worldwide, and professionals and business leaders eager to advance their careers.”

I’m among the contributors to GCR, covering topics from a Finnish point of view. Here are links to my 2013 articles:

Europe’s little pocket of built-environment sunshine


“The leading Finnish construction industry magazine, Rakennuslehti, published its annual ‘Biggest Companies’ issue on 3 May.
In addition to the extensive tables with key financial figures, there are also revealing industry and company analyses.”

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Fighting corruption in the cleanest country on Earth

site“If you’re a Finn and you’ve built a house or had some home repairs done, you probably found several contractors willing to do the job.
You may also have found that one of them was suspiciously cheap, or seemed keen to avoid taxes, or took an “eccentric” (read: illegal) approach to paying its staff.”

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New timber library confronts Finland’s fear of fire


“When you fly over Finland, most of what you see from the air is forest and you would guess that the Finns are masters in building things from wood. Well, guess again. When it comes to high-rise wooden construction, Finland lags behind Norway and even France!”

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Why would we want a world-class museum?


“Cities all over the world fight to get a Guggenheim museum, right? Venice, New York, Bilbao and Abu Dhabi all boast theirs.

Maybe, but my city, Helsinki, capital of Finland and beacon of civilisation in northern Europe, has done quite the opposite.”

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