Going Up? That’s Going To Take A While

high rise

Over the last century there have been plenty of construction blunders that have left people asking “how could that possibly happen?” Well thanks to some overzealous developers in Spain, we are left asking that question once again.

The massive InTempo Skyscraper in Benidorm, Spain was meant to represent prosperity to contrast the county’s economic woes. However the 47-story building has a major problem: there’s no elevator to take patrons up to the higher floors. Originally supposed to be 20 stories, the developers decided to more than double the buildings height by adding an additional 27 stories. However there were no recalculations for the buildings elevator system, which has left ever floor only accessible by stairs. Combine that with the projects ongoing financial problems and you’ve got yourself one heck of a construction catastrophe. If you work on the 30th floor of this building look on the bright side: at least you’ll tone your calves on the way to your office.

Jason Kane writes on behalf of Fall Protection USA, a provider of construction safety equipment.

Photo: Wiki Commons 

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