Gray Work – When Technology Doesn’t Work for You

Eric Olson - Aarni Heiskanen

Eric Olson, CMO at Quickbase, is Aarni Heiskanen’s guest in this episode of the AEC Business podcast discussing “Gray Work.” It is the work done in ad-hoc solutions to make do and get by when your technology doesn’t work for you. It is in systems that aren’t connected, built on the fly, and not conducive to strong collaboration. It impacts revenue, productivity, and employee frustration at scale. Quickbase, as a software company, aims to eliminate gray work in the construction industry.

The topics of the podcast include:

  • Eric’s background and current role at Quickbase
  • Quickbase published the Gray Work Index – Our Productivity Gap in 2024 report in April. Why is this research topical, and who participated?
  • What is Gray Work?
  • How does it impact construction businesses, their employees, and collaborators?
  • What are the root causes of today’s situation?
  • What is Quickbase’s strategy for solving the problem?
  • Success stories to share.
  • Eric’s recommendations for businesses aiming to tackle the issue

You can download the Gray Work Index report. Also, check out how Quickbase can help construction sector companies become more productive.

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