Hilti’s BIM Services Help Optimize Building Design

Hilti BIM Services

Hilti’s BIM design services and digitized building tools help optimize design and offer tools for multi-trade MEP support design.

Karl Johnson, Technical Marketing Manager for BIM & MEP, explains the direct impacts of using BIM to improve construction processes, “Let’s consider MEP planning: Without BIM, the support structures are planned on-site and separately by each trade involved in the construction process which can lead to higher costs and a reduced productivity. Whereas BIM facilitates end-to-end planning of all trades in one go, so that support structures can be shared. This results in greater productivity on site and less material wastage.”

By optimizing design, moving from traditional single trade MEP supports, and moving to a common, multi-trade support, businesses can not only eliminate clashes in the digital twin but also achieve an increase in construction site productivity of up to 70% faster installation time and a reduction in material of up to 50%.

Hilti BIM Services key features

  • Clash detection for MEP supports
  • Field-to-BIM model creation – import measurements of walls, slabs, rebar and MEP elements
  • BIM-to-Field – high-speed jobsite layout
  • Pre-fabrication suggestions for cutting, kitting, and pre-assembly services
  • Advanced logistics
  • Integrated validation processes

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Source: January 26, 2021, prnewsfire.co.uk

The image and the video are courtesy of Hilti

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