Hire An Expert When It Comes To Storm Water Drainage


Hiring an expert for your water drainage needs is truly the only way to ensure the safety of your home and property. Water drainage can be a nightmare for families that live on low ground or on properties with landscaping that forces water to drain towards the home. The same is true for those who own or manage commercial properties. Allowing for the flat ground to funnel water into the building is not wise. Follow these three steps from to ensure that your investment in a water drainage expert, like Liquavault, will pay off.

1. You Must Handle The Landscaping On Your Property

There are many homes with front or back lawns that are not level. The topography of the lawn can easily let water flow straight towards the home. When the home has a basement or the lower level is on especially flat ground, the water can simply flood into the basement or first level with relative ease.

When you hire a water drainage expert, you are going to need advice on how to change the landscaping and topography of the lawn so that the water will drain to another location. There are families that have water drainage channels running into a pond. Other homes with water draining past the house in a small aqueduct or behind the house into a stream or brook. Depending on the location of the home and its position on the property, you can make a landscaping choice that will keep the home dry.

2. Your Commercial Facility Must Not Be On Flat Ground

While the purpose of a commercial property is to hold things and not people, the building still must be safe from flooding. When the land is graded for a commercial building, all of the land around the building cannot also be flat. This landscape design let’s water pool around the building and flood the ground very easily.

A water drainage professional can put together a drainage system that slopes the ground around the building and inserts drainage canals for the water to flow away from the building. When the landscaping is done properly, the floor in the warehouse or storage facility will be dry and the ground outside will make water drain away from the building.

3. Then There Is Your Basement

Sometimes, there is nothing that can be done with a flooding basement. The earth around a basement that is fully or partially underground can be so loose that water makes it through no matter what is done.

A water drainage expert can set up an insulation layer behind the walls of a basement to stop water as it flows towards the basement. While a flooded basement might have been a fact of life, there are insulation protocols that can prevent basement flooding in the future.

When you are looking at ways to keep water from invading your property, you must ensure that a water drainage professional helps you with a plan to keep water from flowing towards the home. With a little bit of ingenuity, a water drainage expert can help keep your property dry all year round.

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