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HireJungle.co.uk makes it possible for the first time to hire and hire out both goods and services from either businesses or individuals. With its fast-growing database of local businesses making good use of their free promotion (hundreds of thousands are already registered), this London-based start-up has quickly raised standards across the hiring industry.

Users have the ability to list their goods and services at no cost. Hiring contracts are then formalized between the owner and the hirer, with no participation from HireJungle, which only provides the connection interface between the two parties. Commission-free transactions and publications are some of the core values the new start-up promotes.

Product and Services categories are linked in a fashion that ensures relevant search results, displaying the services classifieds on the left-hand side and the products classifieds on the right. For instance, a search query for “builders in London” will not just display results for the builders’ services available in that area, but also building-related products such as drills, ladders, screwdrivers, just to name but a few.

There are thousands of construction related listings so far. So, if you are in the UK, why not check out HireJungle.co.uk.

HireJungle infographic

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