Idea Wall for Online Brainstorming

Idea Wall

Idea Wall is a software-as-service for collecting ideas online in a structured way. It’s fast to implement and has a zero learning curve for the participants.

When to Use Digital Tools

Sticky notes are great for brainstorming. However, when you are not in the same place physically or you have many teams attending, digital tools work better. Also, if you want to collect instant feedback, do it online.

The Simpler, the Better

People are frustrated with collaboration tools that require signups, logins, passwords, or app installations. The tool should not be hindering or slowing down the brainstorming process. That’s why we developed Idea Wall.

What is Idea Wall?

You can use Idea Wall in all types of situations where you want to engage a few or hundreds of people. It consists of digital walls for sharing ideas.


Set up a wall in five minutes and share its URL with the participants. They submit their ideas anonymously on the wall with a few clicks. The ideas become visible at once.


Brainstorm strategies, come up with ideas for a new product, collect feedback… Idea Wall serves many purposes.


Idea Wall is an online tool that runs in a computer or mobile device browse.

“Idea Wall is very easy and straightforward to use on different devices and in varying situations.”

Taru Hanski, Senior Advisor at Sitowise

What’s Included

Your Idea Wall license includes:

  • Unlimited participants
  • Anonymous participation
  • Likes and comments
  • Moderation
  • Excel export
  • Password protected walls
  • Site and wall managers
  • Multilingual interface

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