Increase Billing and Reduce Costs with ClockShark

What is a simple way to reduce payroll costs, minimize compliance risks, and increase billing? The answer: track work hours accurately and make time management easy. That’s exactly what ClockShark has promised to do. They turn employees’ smartphones and tablets into mobile or fixed-position time clocks, and offer a cloud service for the managers.

ClockShark is a soon-to-be-launched service for construction professionals. It allows you to manage multiple locations, multiple workforces, and multiple processing locations. A simple dashboard manages time company-wide for a small or mid-sized business whether they have five employees or five hundred.

Employees download the ClockShark app form Google Play or AppStore. Companies can even setup time clock terminals in their premises using virtually any Android Tablet or iPad. The app provides mobile punch in/out functionality, even without internet connectivity. GPS logging is also included.

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Payroll administrators and managers can edit and approve time & attendance data in the cloud application from any web browser. Managers can view real-time job labor budget and time data  to make quick decisions on current events, or research historical data.

ClockShark also provides payroll file export feature and payroll integrations. Supported export file formats include ADP, Paychex, and Quickbooks. Zen Payroll integration will be released in late 2014.

ClockShark pricing starts at $5 per user per month. The service is launching soon, but you can already sign up to the early access list at


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