Increase Your A&E Firm Profits -Interview with June Jewell

Increase architecture engineering firm profits

CPA June Jewell

I had the privilege of interviewing CPA June Jewell, President and CEO of Acuity Business Solutions. She has released a book titled Find the Lost Dollars: Six Steps to Increase Profits in Architecture, Engineering, and Environmental Firms. The book is a must read for all AE firm principals.

To learn more about the book go to You can buy the book at as a printed or Kindle version.

Many owners of A&E firms are not focused on making a profit. It is amazing how many principals smile and nod knowingly when I talk about this at industry events. Creative-minded design professionals often have a passion in life to design beautiful structures–not to manage projects and cash flow. Profit takes a second, third, or last spot when it comes to getting the attention and concern of the A&E entrepreneur.

– Find the Lost Dollars

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