Innovating AEC Business Models for the Virtual Future

In this episode of WDBE Talks, Aarni Heiskanen had the pleasure of hosting two distinguished guests from the USA: Amy Peck, Founder and CEO of EndeavorXR, and Mark Bryan, Senior Foresight Manager at Future Today Institute. Amy and Mark will deliver keynotes at the upcoming WDBE 2024 conference, focusing on reshaping built environment business models for the future.

Digital and physical realities

The interviewees delved into the intersection of physical and digital realities, discussing the potential and limitations of “the metaverse” and the role of digital twins in transforming the built environment.

Amy emphasized the importance of using technology to gain insights and improve operations, while Mark highlighted the need for better data interoperability and the potential of AI to revolutionize the industry.

Adopting new technologies in the AEC sector

The conversation also touched on the challenges and opportunities presented by big tech companies entering the AEC sector.

Both guests agreed that while the industry has been slow to adopt new technologies, there is significant potential for growth and innovation, particularly through the use of digital twins and AI.

The future

Looking ahead, Amy and Mark shared their thoughts on the future of the AEC industry. They emphasized the need for strategic planning and the adoption of new technologies to stay competitive.

The guests also provided a sneak peek into their upcoming keynotes at WDBE 2024, where they will explore these themes in greater detail.

Connect with Amy and Mark on LinkedIn for more insights, and meet them at the World of Digital Built Environment WDBE summit in Helsinki and Tallinn on October 3rd and 4th, 2024.

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