Intelligent Management of Construction Safety – An Interview with Josh Kanner


How to manage construction safety risks intelligently with jobsite data? This is the topic of episode 112 of the AEC Business podcast where Aarni chats with Josh Kanner, founder and CEO of Newmetrix.

As one of the customers of Newmetrix had noticed, the industry had hit a plateau both in terms of the fatality rate per man-hour worked as well as the total recordable incident rate. That’s what inspired Josh and his colleagues to start using job site imagery data and AI to predict and monitor safety.

“Instead of being limited by just the eyes and years of their safety team, they now had thousands and thousands of eyes every week gathering safety observations,” Josh says.

In this interview we discuss

  • The background story of Newmetrix
  • What inspired Josh and his colleagues to focus your business on construction safety
  • Why construction lags behind other industries in terms of job site safety
  • What is Newmetrix’s solution and who are their customers
  • What kind of results are possible by using the AI-powered solution
  • What’s in the future

About Newmetrix

“Newmetrix significantly reduces jobsite risk and overall project cost by combining the best of human and artificial intelligence. Our platform is built on the industry’s first computer vision and predictive models that were trained and built specifically for construction and safety risk. Tuned using more than 12 centuries of incident data and millions of construction images, our AI can identify indicators of risk, rank projects by risk, and predict which 20% of your projects will have 80% of your incidents in the following week. Companies using Newmetrix reduce incident rates, improve their bottom line, and can negotiate better insurance terms.”

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