Interactive Buildings – A New Experience

Interactive buildings are indeed a unique experience and have revolutionized our lives the way it had never done before. It has actually raised the bar of our living standards by providing a blend of convenience, enhanced security system and through easy to use and yet sophisticated gadgets. Interactive buildings have also enhanced the entertainment system and thus have managed in creation of high tech, advanced and digital homes that are inspired by YOU.

Use of interactive technology can seamlessly customize security, communication, video, music and lighting system to create a home where your imagination will have no bounds. As you work towards customizing your home, the innovative technology deployed by you will start working on your behalf so that efficient energy consumption can be orchestrated thus resulting in potential cost savings for the homeowners. If there’s a designer in you, your living experience can be highly personalized through effective use of mobile devices, tablets or in-wall sophisticated controls in your home itself so remote controlling from any corner of the world is a child play.

Here are some of the elements that you can experience in an interactive home and building presently:

  • Mobile access: Your home is, as they say, an extension of your own persona. If you have a web-enabled and sophisticated mobile device, your interactive and high-tech home can enable you to control your camera, music and lighting systems and thus enhance your experience of a safe living with your dear ones.
  • Monitoring of front doors: You can now have the option of greeting warmly to all those people you are acquainted with and remain safe from people who you don’t know. An interactive home can enable you to observe who is at the front door from an in-home wall display and thus improve the art of secure living.
  • Home audio system: Now it is becoming easier to customize the audio system of your interactive building through accessing your music collection seamlessly in any of the rooms in your sophisticated home. For instance, you can select and play music from any digital system in your house such as your digital music player, tablet, digital radio station or computer from any location, thus enhancing a harmonious art of living for yourself.
  • Intercom system spanning the entire house: You can now have effortless communication between the rooms in your interactive home. You can now keep an eye on your child’s activities; whether he is sleeping or playing, as well as leave reminders like taking out the trash. You can also take messages from visitors at your front door, thus leading a much more convenient life than ever.
  • Built-in camera system: An integrated building can also feature an integrated camera system thus making it easy to observe the sounds and sights of your life. Cameras can be placed where they are required the most and can monitor the various entrances to your building as well the rooms of your babies and other family members on your television set, any screen at your home, or on your other devices, thus helping you lead a peaceful life.
  • Customized lighting system: An interactive house can enable you to control the ceiling fans, your lighting system and other small appliances so that you do not have to return to a dark home anymore and thus lead a life full of vibrancy.
  • Security system with remote notification: Monitoring your home in a seamless manner is now easy with sophisticated security systems that feature remote notifications. This convenient technology enables you to check and control the status of an alarm system of your high-tech house remotely through your tablet, smart phone or PC and thereby leading a worry-free life.
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