Is this the Real Estate of all Real Estate?

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If size matters in real-estate, then the “Largest-Piece-Of-Constructed-Real-Estate-In-The-World” Award goes to West China–it definitely gets first prize for possessing the most enormous building measured by floor-space.  In many cases, Dubai has boasted of holding some of the most outrageous and mammoth pieces of real-estate known to mankind.  Now, however, the Dubai International Airport Terminal must humbly take a back-seat to China’s New Century Global Center which officially opened its doors to the public in June 2013 and surpasses Dubai’s former-first-place winner by 500,000 square feet.

The New Century Global Center is located in the suburbs of Chengdu, a metropolis of 14 million people.  Glass and steel merge and intertwine into feats of architectural wonderment that one simply has to see to believe.  This exquisite masterpiece of human ingenuity took a mere three years to build.

The Stats Are Impressive: 

The numbers are staggering and coming in at 19 million square feet of floor space, this wavy, rectangular behemoth box of glass and steel incorporates high-end shops nestled in a Mediterranean-motif village (with an overall total of 1,312,336 square feet of shopping area), two 1,000-room-5-star hotels (with all rooms enjoying a seaside view of the interior ‘beach’), office-space galore, a 14-screen IMAX movie theater, a professional ice-skating rink large enough to hold international skating competitions , a simulated ocean beach which can accommodate 6,000 people at one time who can enjoy the replicated waves, and a water park that encompasses a 1,312 foot coastline.  An artificial sun illuminates the beach and water park 24-hours a day, providing not only light but heat. The entire floor surface is larger than 329 American football fields or three times the size of the Pentagon Building in Washington, D.C.—wow!  Lengthwise, the mammoth structure is 1640 continuous feet in addition to being 1312 feet wide and 328 feet high.

If you are not convinced yet of this being the real estate of real estates, how about the massive parking facility will accommodate 15,000 vehicles; and let’s hope a shuttle bus or two has been thrown into the mix.

From Courses To Cocktails:

While some visitors enjoy the wave-pool amid sunbathers, others can savor their choice of countless cocktails and feast on virtually any type of seafood imaginable.  An LED screen 164 yards long will be installed, in the near future, which will hover above a section of beach to delight the eyes with continuous displays of ocean sunrises and sunsets.  If one wishes to get a bit more educated and take a college course or two, a university complex is at one’s disposal, as well—sure, why not.

The main promenade, as well as other parts of this self-contained paradise, is adorned with huge, live palm trees amid glistening escalators and polished marble floors.    Beautiful, stately columns are strategically nestled among multi-tiered, undulating balconies–all under a massive glass dome that radiates beams of natural sunlight—assuming the sun can pierce the sometimes-overabundant smog, well-known in this part of the country.   The exterior of this mega-structure is shaped like a wave which coincides with the interior’s marine theme.

Just For The Record:

The timing of the opening of this gargantuan magnum opus was deliberately set to coincide with the expansion of a new subway line nearby, in addition to the construction of a new airport set for completion in 2020.  According to China’s official state media organization, Chengdu’s GDP had reached $130.48 Billion by the end of 2012.

That’s a lot of ‘renminbi’–Chinese currency; and this is a lot of real-estate!

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