Jacqueline Rohrmann on BIM, Tesla Gigafactory, and Building Sustainably

I had the pleasure of meeting with Jacqueline Rohrmann to discuss the digitalization of the construction sector, her experiences as a design manager at Tesla, and the industry’s future. We also touched on the themes of her upcoming keynote speech at the WDBE 2022 conference.

After completing her research project on Generative Design, Jacqueline kick-started her career with a job at Tesla. Being one of the first people on the ground at Gigafactory Berlin, she wore many hats and ultimately managed the design of the entire automotive factory. She now moved on to pursue her passion to make our industry greener with an MBA degree in Building Sustainability. If she seems familiar to you, you might have watched one of her videos about BIM or Sustainability that she posts on her YouTube Channel “That BIM Girl.”

Our discussion covers

  • How Jaqueline became a world-famous YouTuber
  • The vision that drives her
  • The challenges of the Tesla Gigafactory project
  • How Jaqueline would change the construction industry
  • Thoughts about her WDBE keynote speech
  • What’s in the future for Jaqueline

You can meet Jaqueline at WDBE 2022 on September 28, 2022, where she will be a
keynote speaker. You can review the program and register for the event at WDBE.org.

Connect with Jacqueline on LinkedIn.

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