Keep Your Cords Connected with CordLatch


Everybody who has used power tools and extension cords knows the frustration when the cords are unplugged by accident. You’ll have to walk back or climb down to reconnect.  This annoying ritual can take place several times during a workday. Now there’s a solution that I had a chance to test, and it works!

CordLatch® attaches to the male end of the cord. Once installed, it utilizes the polarization ‘lug’ or ‘shoulder’ on the female cord as a connection.

CordLatch open

I got a test installation kit from CordLatch. It consists of a drill bit, pins, washers, an alignment tool, and CordLatches. You drill a hole through the alignment tool on the male end plug. Then you assemble the latch to the cord.

CordLatch kit

The instructions are straightforward. I actually did a test installation, and it was a snap to put together! There’s a video online showing how to install the device.

CordLatch installed

As for the safety, all the parts are made of plastic and therefore don’t conduct electricity.

A 4-pack Starter Kit sells for $14.95 retail in the USA. You can learn more and order promo and started kits online at

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