What Kind of Businesses Need Raised Access Floors?


With energy prices shooting through the roof, new legislation calling for more efficient workforces and heightened environmental awareness causing businesses to rethink their office layouts, raised access flooring is changing the environment demands of many businesses.  These floors built with metal sections are much easier to maintain, and make fixing wiring issues much quicker.  But what specific niches are using these floors? We break down several key niches below.

Forward-thinking businesses

The incentive to save space has been taken on by a majority of businesses in the country.  So why is saving space a high priority? To start with, it improves the working conditions of your staff. Investing in raised access flooring not only gives businesses the same amount of floor space, but also reduces the amount of excess telephony wiring that runs across the office floors. It also enhances the ‘green business’ image of your company which is positive amongst customers wishing to do business with an environmentally friendly company.

Because offices will need air conditioning, heat and other services that are ran under subfloors anyway, raised flooring simply creates a space where these necessities can seamlessly flow while making maintenance easier.  These floors are affordable, transportable and offer easy cleaning, too.

IT Departments

A data center can be defined as either a physical or virtual facility used to house a company’s computer systems. It’s the centralization of all the company’s data into one location for easier access to information, proper data management and establishment of proper information channels. Because datacenters need maximum space for efficient operation, hard wiring and data cables need to be hid underground, which is where raised access floors come into play.

With your raised access floor, insulated modular wiring, and subfloor air distribution, IT departments are creating a ‘future proof’ building designed for efficiency, while those running a low tech environment can convert their small tech departments into a highly scalable operating center – with only a raised floor.  Moreover, cooling servers running 24/7 is much easier when there’s more space.

Call centers

It is clearly evident how the call center landscape is continuing to evolve as latest technological tools and solutions are introduced each day. While some of these are basic minor updates of current phone answering systems, others have the capacity of revolutionizing how call centers will function tomorrow.

If the past 10 years are any evidence of the pace at which organizational tools, behaviour and consumer solutions will proceed to metamorphose, call centers must instantaneously address their building security and phone wiring issues today, which raised access floors can easily demarcate.  With 400 chairs filled with customer support reps each day, wiring problems can cause workplace accidents – adding metal or tiled raised flooring with suction cup lifters can help maximize efficiency tremendously.

While the thought of renovating your company floor usually won’t come to mind until something breaks, imagine the possibilities that raised flooring can offer your business.  With space saving and safety connotations, it’s easy to see why many businesses are switching to this type of floor system.

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