Kitconnect, a Web App for Industrialized Construction

industrialized construction

Project Frog unveils Kitconnect, an integrated web application for Industrialized Construction. Built on Autodesk’s® Forge™, the solution enables end-to-end data flow from design to manufacture and construction.

Project Frog is a San Francisco, California-based product and technology company founded in 2006. It delivers the platform, software and integration tools needed for the Industrialized Construction (IC) industry to drive mass customization at scale. 

KitConnect is an integrated BIM to Web solution that manages data flow for flexible, configurable Kit-of-Parts content from building design, to manufacture and construction. Combining a Kit-of-Parts platform with a technology platform, KitConnect drives scalability, separating Industrialized Construction (IC) from simple prefabrication.

“The immediate availability of KitConnect signals a significant shift in the Industrialized Construction market,” said Drew Buechley, Project Frog CEO. “Because KitConnect delivers a way for IC stakeholders to offer mass customization at scale, it now sets us apart from the current prefabrication approach. By applying technology to increase speed, while scaling the design, manufacture and construction processes, we’re delivering an enormous upside to the industry – translating into unlimited design options, shorter build schedules, and improved quality.”

The solution includes a Revit plug-in and a web application, centralizing data in the cloud and enabling easy project scaling. With enterprise and project libraries, integrated content and rules libraries, and automated version control, DfMA rules are maintained automatically across all project stakeholders.

KitConnect is a subscription-based solution and is available immediately from Project Frog.

Source: BusinessWire, September 25, 2019

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