Knee Pads That You Love to Wear – Interview with Joe Johnson

This is an interview with Joe Johnson, a young entrepreneur and developer of memory foam knee pads. Knee pads are essential to many construction workers, but they are not always comfortable. Joe’s company, Total Comfort Medical, offers an alternative that you should definitely check out.

Who are you?

Joe-JohnsonMy name is Joe Johnson. I am a 23-year-old entrepreneur working out of the Chicagoland area. While I was getting my undergraduate degree at LMU in entrepreneurship, I started a company during my last semester called Total Comfort Medical.

What does your company do?

Total Comfort Medical develops comfort products for consumers and healthcare professionals. There are a lot of outdated products and pain points in the market that deserve attention. We aim to combine the elements of comfort and style, a rare combination when it comes to medical or comfort products.

Why did you become interested in knee pads?

I saw a lot of potential in the market and a lot of areas of improvement in the current product offerings. Millions of people already wear knee pads, whether it is at work, in the garden, or around the house. The unique thing about the medical market is knee replacement surgeries are increasing by over 400% over the next 15 years, going from 1 million to 4 million annual surgeries. One of the first questions those patients ask is whether they can kneel after surgery and if there are any better options than the typical bulky and low-quality ones they find at the store.

What’s wrong with typical knee pads used in construction?

You’ll see that as quality increases in typical knee pads, so does the size. The big and bulky knee pads are a pain to wear because they are hot and heavy. Most of them have straps that pinch and bind behind your legs, making them a constant nuisance. But even worse than that, the foam or gel materials are just not comfortable, and the padding is low quality across the board.

How is your product better?

The biggest difference in the Total Comfort knee pad is the padding. To start, we found the highest quality padding from a specialty foam manufacturer. This is not only the first knee pad using real memory foam that will contour around your knee, but we also developed a patent pending dual layer progressive resistance foam structure. The multiple foam layers are different density levels, which allow the user to slowly sink into the padding as it provides progressive resistance, as opposed to a regular foam or gel material that creates painful pressure points. Because of this advanced foam cushioning, it is the first, and only knee pad recommended by doctors.

The Total Comfort knee pad has an ergonomically designed curved strap that prevents pinching behind the leg. It also has a lightweight design with breathable and moisture wicking materials to keep users cool, dry, and comfortable. There are no bulky plastic shells on the outside, instead there’s a durable nylon material that is weather resistant.

What proof do you have on the benefits of your product?

We have field tested the product with real users in different trade groups to ensure we have the optimal design and materials. The foam has also been lab tested in three different areas: durability, pressure dispersion, and energy absorption. After 100,000 impacts, the foam maintained 98% of its original structure. The pressure mapping results show the superior pressure dispersion qualities compared with a typical foam material found in other knee pads. The microscopic cell tests also show how the cell walls of the foam remain in tact after pressure is applied unlike other padding materials where the cell walls burst and break down under pressure. All of the test results can be seen on the website at

Where can our readers buy the product, and do you ship internationally?

We ship all over the world! The product is available on our website at

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