Kwant Expands Its Connected Construction Solution

Kwant connected construction

Kwant, the New York-based construction software company, has announced a product expansion that supports Lean Construction-based waste reduction. The expansion provides digital transparency for construction sites by connecting each data node to improve safety and productivity.

As construction projects become more challenging, the need for fully connected jobsites and data-driven decisions becomes critical. Kwant solves the complex challenges by connecting every workforce, forklift, crane, sheet of drywall, and ton of steel to a centralized platform. Based on the millions of data points, decision-makers can take proactive actions to improve safety and productivity on and off a construction site.

Kwant’s AI-powered technology currently connects more than 50,000 workers for large-scale projects within construction, manufacturing, affordable housing, and infrastructure sites. Kwant has already been deployed across multiple large-scale projects. They have proven success with industry leaders such as DPR Construction, Delta, Alberici, McCarthy, Delta, Fairstead, and Walbridge.

Support for Lean Construction

The expansion includes features such as Lean Construction-based waste reduction methods. It does it through tracking, optimization of high-value equipment and assets with powerful plug-n-play sensors, and predictive analytics.

Kwant’s rugged asset trackers allow construction decision-makers to understand end-to-end supply chain management issues better. These include schedule optimization, detecting discrepancies, analyzing production rates, catching downtime or equipment underutilization, and providing shipment notifications.

Kwant recently launched the ‘Need More’ feature within their app to specifically address jobsite waste and reduce workforce or delivery downtime. It does it by allowing the sharing of materials like concrete throughout different locations or the sharing of extra workforce.

Centralized management of workforce, materials, and equipment

“Kwant provides a centralized database for workforces, materials, and equipment where General Contractors and Trade Partners can have seamless onboarding, verify certifications, align with compliances, and view past and current projects,”says Niran Shrestha, Co-founder and CEO of Kwant.

Having this feature saves hours of duplicate effort to onboard the workforce for each jobsite. Kwant smart wearables now also support access control for gating high-risk zones, providing alerts when there is a potential collision between a vehicle and a worker.

The environmental edge sensors from Kwant collect environmental data like temperature, humidity, and carbon monoxide on the site, sending an alert when temperatures cross a threshold in a work zone. The edge sensors enable a healthy and safe work environment. In case of flooding or hazardous air quality, Safety Managers can also notify the workforce to evacuate specific work zones and prevent material loss while saving lives.

“Putting new technology in the hands of the owner and GC that help better manage jobsites. Powerful platform with lots of potentials that could change the way we see construction,”  an LCOR Construction Project Leader points out.

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