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Working from home… Large-scale prefabrication…Artificial Intelligence…Lean construction processes…New materials… Materials shortages…Diversity, Equity and Inclusion…Covid 19…. Robot dogs working on construction sites…Virtual meetings…etc…etc….etc…

The massive changes impacting the AEC industry also impact what it means to be an effective leader. Now in our 31st year, the Leaders Circle training program for mid-senior AEC leaders builds the competencies leaders need most to thrive now and in the coming years. 

Leaders Circle outperforms other AEC leadership training because our:

  • Format of 12 monthly half-day seminars enables participants to apply skills and build relationships between sessions.
  • Program content focuses particularly on Architecture, Engineering, and Construction leadership and organizations.
  • Process builds small learning groups, typically 4-8 participants, so we can tailor the program focus to individual interests.
  • Learning groups include a mix of architects, engineers, contractors, and often, owners/clients.  This adds useful perspective and opportunities for relationship building.
  • Program includes free enrollment in our online course “Smarter Everyday AEC Negotiating,” so participants can develop especially strong skills in key leadership conversations.

Details and registration are at www.building-leader.com/training. The next group starts May 24.  Participants who enroll early can begin individual coaching immediately.

“Participating in Leaders Circle was the best step in my professional career.” Andy Witkin, President, Witkin Hults Landscape Architecture, Hollywood, FL

“Bill Ronco and Leaders Circle helped me understand key strategic ways to work differently, and that truly unlocked my potential.”  Eric Brown, AIA, LEED AP, Principal/Partner, PCA Architects 

“In Leaders Circle, I was able to strengthen my ability to observe, listen and communicate clearly by being more adaptable, resilient, self-initiating, and collaborative.”  Mary Ann Williams, Program Executive, Skanska Corporation 

“I walked away from our sessions with something tangible to implement every single time.”  Zachary Bergeron, Associate, Construction Economist, Vermeulens

AEC Business works in collaboration with Leaders Circle.

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