Maintaining Business Efficiency During Construction Works

If you’re lucky enough to be running a successful business that’s thinking of renovating or extending premises, then you’ll almost certainly be considering how you can go about this in such a way that it has minimal impact to your business. It’s not an easy job by any means, but with some thought you’ll be able to carry on as usual.


Planning is absolutely essential to getting this right. You need to have thought about everything before you get started. It’s no good getting on with the job and then working out what you need to do to keep up when you find out what’s being inconvenienced. This will only mean disrupting business, so set out exactly what needs to happen and follow through with it.


Making life difficult for your employees is a sure fire way of encouraging things to go wrong. If you’re taking away any of their space, whether it’s their own personal desk, or the canteen, you need to make sure that there’s somewhere temporary to use as a replacement. If some people can work from home, then this is a good way of getting on with things without having to temporarily increase space. Relocating them to another office is sometimes an option if your employees are happy to take a different commute, though this can have tax and expenses implications.

Equipment and Stock

The temptation with any of your equipment and stock is to put whatever possible into storage while you’re building. The problem with this is it increases the amount of time it takes to retrieve anything or access equipment. To get round this, you might want to consider having a temporary building put in place on your premises. This can then be taken down once your new space is complete. Have a look at Neptunus to see what these structures can look like.


If you’ve got customers and clients visiting, they’ll be happy that you’re doing well and expanding, but you still need to give them the good service that they’d expect during normal operation. Where possible, try to avoid contact between building works and any visitors, as it won’t give the same impression. You also need to ensure that there’s plenty of space for your usual number of people – again a semi-permanent building could well be a good solution if your building works are expected to take some time to complete.

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