Maximizing the Value of Digital Assets in AEC Companies


AEC firms have a huge and constantly growing repository of photos and other digital assets. How to manage them effectively for marketing, sales, and PR is the topic of this podcast interview with Daniel Emmerson, Co-Founder and Joint CEO of OpenAsset.

“Our vision is to inspire people through visualization of the built world,” says Daniel. “We’re all about trying to make marketing teams more efficient so they can get down to their core job of generating business and not have to worry about obviously the data management piece.”

OpenAsset is a project-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that enables Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Real Estate firms to simplify workflows and manage their images and digital assets in a secure cloud-based location. Organized by project or property, the DAM makes it easy for firms to showcase their projects, from anywhere, at any time.OpenAsset integrates with platforms companies use every day, like InDesign, PowerPoint, Word and CRM, and ERP systems.

“There are obviously lots of different ways and channels in which the digital content is distributed and leveraged by our customers, whether it’s putting together desktop publishing content, brochures, presentations, PowerPoint presentations, InDesign files, publishing to web…” Daniel explains. “Once we’ve integrated, we can search on market sector, location, client type of building, square footage and so on and so forth. So there are lots of advantages to having that structure information leverage inside the DAM.”

About Daniel Emmerson

Daniel Emmerson co-founded OpenAsset 17 years ago with his friend from University Peter Walsham. They both continue to lead OpenAsset as Joint-CEOs sharing responsibility for all business strategy. They also share a passion for mountains, climbing up and skiing down them as often as possible. Daniel is now based in London but lived in New York for 5 years establishing OpenAsset’s North American office.

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