Measure Your Digital Maturity

digital maturity construction

The Construction Digital Maturity Ladder™, CDML, is an 8-minute online assessment that enables construction companies around the world to measure their digital maturity and benchmark the results both locally and globally.

The CDML is provided by LetsBuild, a construction project management software company. The assessment is aimed at creating a common language on how to talk about and work with digital maturity in construction.

According to LetsBuild, the CDML

  • Provides clarity over the digital landscape and its interdependencies
  • Allows you to plot your digital maturity strategy
  • Allows you to get a better understanding of technologies and how they fit together
  • Supports in turning digital gaps into functional demands allowing you to plan maturity increase and support your strategy
  • Lets you benchmark yourself against organizations in over 30 countries
  • Is an open source framework, that everyone can use and build on – internally as well as externally

The online assessment is free of charge. You can carry out it at

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