Measuring ROI When Hiring Virtual Assistants


Over the past few years the number of virtual workers around the world has more than doubled. This is not only because there are a growing number of people who are training to become VA’s, but also because the job of an educated virtual assistant tends to be highly touted by entrepreneurs. That said, there is a big difference between just some random virtual assistant and one who has years of experience and specializes in certain types of business ‘savviness’, to put it plainly.

Many parts of the United States have opted to outsource virtual work due to its inexpensive nature, and we’ll outline exactly why businesses love outsourcing this work.


Costs and standards of living in United States, quite frankly, are rather stellar in comparison to other areas worldwide. That being said, many talented individuals reside in the second largest world country who will work for much less than other larger, more expensive economic areas. Whereas rents, food and other necessities may cost heavily in America, they’re much lower in Mumbai, Delhi and Calcutta. The outsourced virtual assistant market located in these larger cities, well-known for also warehousing major corporate call centers, costs much less per day than traditional U.S-based virtual worker centers.

Tides are shifting?

Aside from how inexpensive it can be to hire virtual assistants in United States, equivocal expertise comes with each individual vetted and trained. Educational opportunities aren’t simply for rich folks anymore; internet access is more prevalent than years before, too. Fortunately for frugal small business owners, purchasing the services of United States virtual assistants has become more affordable than marketing on your own.

In fact, many virtual assistants working from their United States homes provide friendlier customer service, thoroughly understand English and program better than most anyone else. Having access to an expert level virtual assistant provider with years of experience in their field, is perhaps the one reason American businesses are turning back towards native soil to hire virtual worker departments to handle high volumes of service requests.

As well as maximizing the volume of inbound calls to agents, virtual worker centers will want to provide the best customer service possible in order to satisfy their clients. With technological developments, and more effective training, call centre agents can improve the quality of their calls, leaving managers to focus on other aspects of the business, such as maximizing profit and developing the company. That’s another reason why you should hire virtual assistants to assist in daily activities.

Upscale Availability

Since time zone differentials will play immense roles when hiring workers around the world, your United States virtual assistants could perform many routine tasks while you’re asleep while catching up with you when you awaken. Certain freelance virtual worker gurus will keep American or European sleep schedules, too, in case they’re needed during specific times when their bosses are awake. Since Skype and chatting platforms are free, consistently checking availability of hired virtual assistants becomes streamlined.  Having seemingly unlimited options when outsourcing your otherwise time-consuming tasks, along with having deeper pockets each day, makes United States an attractive country to hire from.


Having measurable ROI, whether insourcing large tasks to secretaries our outsourcing website errors to virtual assistant centers in United States, becomes much easier when more money is left upon payment of services rendered. While many other excellent countries employ wonderful freelancing professionals, United States offers perhaps more affordable, skilled and driven virtual assistants ready to tackle nearly every project given with startling accuracy, zero complaints and excessively high intelligence.

Every office needs, possesses, and maintains modern tools and technologies in order to compete and keep up with the business world of today. Offices have many options when it comes to choosing the tools and technologies that will enable them to succeed in today’s business realm. One tool one should never skimp on is virtual assistant – choose wisely, fellow businesspeople.

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