More AEC Business Ideas, Please

Springwise (, a London-based independent innovation firm, scans the globe for the most promising new business ideas with the help of over 15,000 global “Springspotters”. The ideas are compiled and assessed by an editorial team, and the best examples are published to provide entrepreneurial inspiration to readers around the world.

I’ve followed Springwise for years. I even signed up to be a Springspotter. At the moment Springwise’s database contains more than four thousand business ideas. Over 150,000 people have subscribed to the Springwise newsletter.

The Springwise database covers 21 industries from automotive to transportation. The AEC industry does not have a category of its own. AEC-related business ideas are included mainly in the following categories: Eco & Sustainability, Homes & Housing, and Style & Design. I don’t have an exact number of the ideas that could be contributed to the AEC industry, but they are not in abundance. This is a bit regrettable since I’m sure there must be many great ideas that could be promoted on the site.

As an example I picked ten ideas presented on Springwise that relate to the AEC industry:


1) Contractors bid to install rooftop solar panels

Gridbid is a site which sees quality contractors bid for the job of installing solar panels on people’s roofs.

2) Pop-up office cubicles created from recycled cardboard

UK-based Duke Studios has created ten studio offices constructed out of Dufaylite’s Ultra Board, a building material that’s strong yet fully sustainable and recyclable.

3) Mobile app adds an element of gaming to home energy metering

German GreenPocket’s namesake smartphone app “helps consumers share their carbon footprint in a competitive and entertaining way on Facebook.”

4) In Canada, contest seeks designs for homes sourced within 100 miles

The 100 Mile House competition is soliciting designs for a house for four that only uses materials and systems made, manufactured or recycled within 100 miles of the city of Vancouver, B.C.

5) In France, a group buying site for new-home construction

By negotiating on behalf of groups of individuals planning to build a new home, Maisonia Deal says it can save buyers as much as 30 percent.

6) In the Philippines, shipping containers used to create low-income housing

Citihub Mandaluyong is a dormitory built from shipping containers designed for low-income workers and students.

7) Flexible condos can be reconfigured and resized

Created with developer Parallax Investment Corp., FlexNatür is a system for condos by which residents can buy living space in increments and then combine or divide up those increments to suit their current needs.

8) Project management platform hosts architects’ advice

Pet Architect’s chat service lets clients ask direct questions or ask for advice on any issues regarding construction, planning or architectural work. The local “Pet Architect” will then endeavor to reply to these questions as quickly and as best as they can.

9) App lets users visualize new building developments in situ

UK-based Deliverance Software’s new iPhone/iPad app Walkabout3d can give users a glimpse of how their surrounding may appear once planned building projects have reached their completion.

10) Pop-up ‘MedCottage’ enables senior care at home

Virginia-based N2Care has come up with the MedCottage, a pop-up, medically equipped suite that families can use on their property to care for seniors at home.
Springwise is not just a great place to get inspired or promote ideas. The founders have launched Springwise investments. It focuses on early stage companies that have a truly global potential: brilliant startups that are prospective game changers in their relevant niche. Typical initial investment size is USD 25,000 to USD 250,000 for angel round, and up to USD 1 million for follow-on round. The industry focus is on all B2C sectors, from anywhere in the world.

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